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Blogging Fitness again

October 21, 2011

I started this blog a few months ago and let it fizzle out and die. I’m not sure why really. My exercise routine didn’t change and has been full-on for ages now, but I seemed to get tired of writing about it.

Lately I’ve been trying to think of all the events and other exercise that I’ve done this year. I’ve really struggled trying to remember everything. So this is the reason I’m going to start blogging and recording them here again.

Just a quick update on the year. The main thing that comes to mind is what a long, freezing cold, dreary winter we’ve had.  In about April I decided that to do the amount of work I wanted and needed to do, the alarm would have to be set to 4.30am. I wasn’t sure how long I’d be able to keep that up for. But it wasn’t long before the thought occurred to me that I could put the alarm forward a bit more again. So  I’m proud to say that almost every morning, right through this winter from hell, I’ve been out there either riding, running or walking at the ungodly hour of 4am. There were many, many mornings that I seemed to have icicles hanging from my nose.

So why this craziness? A couple of things. Firstly I have an early start at work, and a long day so the early morning is the only time for me to know that I will definitely get it done. And there’s nothing like a looming endurance event to cause the panic to set in and the need for action. Firstly it was The Sun-Herald City2Surf that caused the panic. And recently Around the Bay In A Day – Bicycle Victoria arrived. I’m pleased to say that due to the training over the past few months, I was happy with my performance in both events.

Originally I had planned to walk the 50k upstream foundation  challenge from Docklands to Doncaster in Melbourne in November. But I made a last minute decision to have a holiday, and leave two days before the walk, so unfortunately am unable to do it now. But still, I will walk 50k because I said I would and really, I wouldn’t want to waste all that hard training. The plan is to walk 50 ks on Saturday 29 October. So that’s only one week away. Eek! Really hoping I’ve done enough training for this. The most I’ve walked in training is 30k, which is worrying me a bit.

Two weeks after this is  RIDE FOR BIKES. A 95k cycle in the Gisborne/Mt Macedon area. That will then be the last of the events for 2011. A few days after this, I’m heading for New Zealand for a much needed holiday. The plan is to to cram heaps of fitness into this holiday, so I’ve been spending a bit of time lately researching what’s available. There will be no official events, just fun and fitness. Looks exciting.


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  1. glynn permalink

    Jen, your year has been amazing you should be so proud of yourself!


    • Thanks Glynn
      It definitely has been a big year. Feeling happy with my achievements but hope to achieve more next year. Also hope to share some activities with you next year

  2. All the best for the 50km walk. I recommend taking homeopathic arnica afterwards. It should help if you have any sore muscles.

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