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Walking 50ks Tomorrow

October 28, 2011

Tomorrow is my 50k walk. Originally I was meant to be doing the  upstream foundation 50kilometre challenge walk  from the Docklands to Doncaster, in Melbourne. This challenge is on November 19, but because I decided to go on the Unlock the PastHistory and Genealogy Cruise , I’ve had to pull out. But Ive spent all winter training for this event and was really looking forward to the challenge of walking 50ks. All winter I’ve been wondering if I can do it. So I have decided to do the walk anyway but will be doing it here in Bendigo tomorrow.

Today I had a brainwave, which happens very rarely. Just to make it a bit more interesting I’ve decided to make it a history walk. Since I moved here a few years ago, I’ve been wanting to visit the many historical buildings and sights here, but haven’t found the time so far.  Tomorrow, while doing the walk is the ideal time. Hopefully this will be a way to keep the walk interesting, and I will be combining my two loves – fitness and history. An added bonus of the history walk is that this week I bought myself a new whizbang camera, so this will be a great opportunity to give it a good tryout before the holidays.

I’m very excited about the walk as  I know I’ve done the training and I’m  just hoping, with fingers crossed,  that I’ve done enough to get me to the finish. I’m planning to start at 5am and will be walking the first 10k with my regular walking buddies, my dogs, Matilda and Molly,  but the next 40k will be by myself.  Though I do have two coffee stops booked up along the way with friends.

Hopefully it will be a day of fun, fitness and history. Hopefully, not a day of pain!


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