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Fernwood Get Foxy 12 Week Challenge

March 18, 2012

Tomorrow 19 March 2012,  is Day 1 of the Get Foxy 12 Week Challenge which promotes healthy eating,  exercise and a healthy lifestyle.  We had our launch party on Friday night at Fernwood Bendigo It was a fun night but seemed quite strange to see drinks and nibbles in the Group Fitness Room, instead of sweaty bodies.

We were put into teams and then had to come up with a team name. Eventually we decided we would be The Transformers. We seemed to get along well right from the start and with the guidance of leader Marlene, have decided to meet up on Tuesday night to do the Week 1 Challenge.

The Challenge involves accruing points for attendance at the gym, either for personal workout or group fitness classes.   One PT session and one Food Coaching session is included each week, and points are also accrued for attending these sessions.

At the end of the challenge the person with the most points wins the Challenge. First prize is a trip to Hawai, which would be lovely. But my focus isn’t on the prize. I’m focusing my efforts on improving my fitness and being the best version of me that I can be.

I was impressed to see that Fernwood have placed a limit on the number of point scoring activities that can be undertaken in one day, to ensure that the Challenge is done in a sensible and sustainable way. Otherwise there could be a temptation to exercise excessively to win.

There will be exciting things happening in the gym during the Challenge which I will blog about each week. This week we are having a cooking demonstration, which I’m looking forward to.

The Transformers are kicking off Week 1 with a workout together on Tuesday night, and a walk on Saturday morning followed by breakfast. We have also arranged to meet at the Cooking Demonstration.

Even though winning isn’t my focus, I am planning on contributing 100% to ensure that The Transformers are the winning team at Bendigo.


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  1. haha! I wanted to see the results… make a picture of before and after.

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