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Get Foxy Update

March 21, 2012

First 2 days of the Get Foxy Challenge have gone really well. I’m on holidays this week, so my routine is a bit different but I’m also having lots of time for exercise.

Day 2 for me was my first Food Coaching session with Marlene. Even though I’ve been watching my diet for years, and some would say slightly obsessed with food, there were still a few pointers from Marlene that I will find helpful. Due to being vegetarian, I will have to make changes to the program, but looks like that won’t be a problem.

In the evening we had the first group training session for Team Transformers. Each week the Foxy Challenge includes a workout of the week which we get extra points for doing. So we decided to meet up and do this workout as a group. We had a couple of extras join in with us which was great. At first we were a bit of a muddle, as we tried to get ourselves organised, but soon got serious and into the workout.

Week 1 workout was a circuit consisting of boxing, various weights exercises,  pushups, situps, planks, and mountain climbs.  A few weeks ago I tore a muscle so am still not allowed to do core exercises. However that wasn’t a problem as I was able to substitute other exercises.

I really loved this circuit and look forward to doing it again, especially after I’m cleared to do core exercises again.

Before we did the Week 1 workout I did the Week 1 Challenge by myself. It was a tabata workout on the bike and I knew I would love it. All up this workout and the Challenge workout burned 500 calories. I will definitely be adding this workout to my personal cardio program.

Today has been a fairly big day of exercise. AM was  6k bushwalk with my dogs, followed with 30k bikeride. PM was the weekly workout and weekly challenge. Total calories burnt today 1570.

                                          Transformers team members and a few extras


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  1. Sue C permalink

    Gee Jen, I cant see your lovely smiling face in this photo….dont tell me you were hiding from the camera! lol

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