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Foxy Challenge: Week 1 Wrap

March 29, 2012

The way Foxy works is there are points allocated for gym visits, PT sessions, Food coaching sessions, kilos and centimetres lost. Points vary for each activity

25 points : Fitness Class; personal workout; group food coaching; group personal training

35 points: Challenge group fitness class; RPM or spin class

50 points: Weekly food coaching; Personal Training session

100 points:  Weekly Workout; Weekly Challenge; each kg or cm lost

Last week I accrued 410 points. Was happy with that, as I was on holidays and spent a quite a lot of time on the bike instead of in the gym.

Each week there is a Weekly Foxy workout and Weekly Challenge. Week 1 Challenge was a Tabata workout. On bike – 5 minutes warm up. Work phase: 8 intervals of 20 seconds riding as fast as possible, followed by 10 seconds of slow pedalling.  This probably doesn’t sound like much, being only 4 minutes in total, but it’s quite an intense workout if done at a flat out pace. I’ve now added this into my regular cardio routine.

The Week One Workout was a Circuit of 5 rounds with between 5 and 8 different exercises in each round, consisting of boxing, weights, pushups, situps, mountain climbs and planks. I found it quite challenging due to my injury, but managed to do most of it. I’m intending to keep it handy and do it again in a couple of weeks when I get the all clear to resume normal training.

Also I managed to lose 1kg, so week one was a great success for me and Team Transformers. Great start to Get Foxy 2012

my points; where Team transformers was placed.

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