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Foxy Challenge: Week 2 Wrap

April 4, 2012

Fernwood Get Foxy 12 Week Challenge Week 2:  Managed to fit in 6 gym sessions which included cardio, weights, Weekly Foxy Challenge, Weekly Foxy Workout and one PT session with Angela. As usual, also a couple of bike rides, but unfortunately they don’t count for Foxy. My points this week totalled 460.

This weeks Weekly Foxy Challenge was to choose a piece of equipment (bike, cross trainier, treadmill or rower) and go flat out for 10 mins. We recorded our times so we can see the improvement during the course of the 12 weeks.

The week 2 Weekly Workout was 30 seconds of Squat thrusters and 90 seconds rest. The rest interval was on the recumbent cycle at a workout rate of about 5-7 on the Exertion scale. The squats and cycle were repeated 10 times to give 20 minutes of actual workout time.  Once again I really enjoyed this weeks Weekly Workout and Weekly Challenge and definitely will add them into my regular cardio workouts.

I haven’t seen other members of our team around the gym this week, but we must be all coming at different times, as we certainly are accumulating good numbers. This week Team Transformers is coming 2nd on the Foxy Team Ladder. Yay!

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