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Easter – Day 1of 4: 2000 Exercise Calories Challenge

April 6, 2012

I’m not seeing family at all this Easter.  This upsets me a bit, but I am going  to do what I have to do to have a great Easter. For me, the answer is exercise. I have a bit of an idea what I’ll be doing, and of course there will be plenty of cycling, but to make it fun, I’ve decided that on the four days of Easter I will burn at least 2000 calories.

This blurry photo shows the result of today’s workout.

Started off with a road ride, just over 50ks. Even though it’s not a high amount of kms, I chose a route that I find a bit challenging. Lots of hills, therefore high calorie burn.

After a quick lunch, with the dogs, I went out for a walk along the bike path. I was surprised to see so many out walking today, as we had quite a hot day here. Even though I love my road bike, it was lovely to meander along the bike paths without having to think or worry about traffic or the roads. I haven’t done that for ages, and have made a mental note that I need to get the treadly out more often.

Home to drop off the dogs, then it was on my treadly bike for a short ride on the bike paths. Ended up at  Beechworth Bakery for a much needed coffee. Coffee only. Trying not to eat too many calories, so that I have a few up my sleeve for a choccie rabbit on Sunday.

Bendigo was really busy today, with cars and tourists everywhere. This is due to the City of Greater Bendigo 2012 Easter Festival. Looking forward to checking out some of the activities over the weekend.

Early night for me tonight to be ready for another big day tomorrow.

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