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Foxy Challenge: Week 3 Wrap

April 14, 2012

Fernwood Get Foxy 12 Week Challenge Week 3: Easter week and lots of exercise for me due to days off. But few gym sessions, mostly outdoors on the bike and bushwalking. Result is less Foxy points this week. Total for the week was 310 points

Foxy Challenge for this week was a mini gym triathlon 1k treadmill run, 3k cycle and 1 k rowing machine. We recorded our times for each leg. The intention is to better these times in the coming weeks.

The Weekly Workout for week 3:  100 star jumps; 90 alternate leg step ups; 80 core bicycles; 70 alternate standing toe touches; 60 alternate leg lunges; 50 sit ups; 40 body weight squats; 30 dumbell overhead presses; 20 pushups; 10 crunches

I really enjoyed both the Weekly Challenge and Weekly Workout and will be including them in my general workout program.

I haven’t seen any team members in the gym yet. I know they are there as we are getting good accumulating points. Could be time to organise a group workout together.

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