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Foxy Challenge: Week 4 Wrap

April 17, 2012

Fernwood Get Foxy 12 Week Challenge Week 4: Had a great Foxy week, but unfortunately only lost .2kg. Generally, I’m very disappointed with my weight loss so far during the challenge. Four weeks of Foxy done, and I’ve only lost 1.2kg total. This of course, is not the fault of the Foxy program. It says more about my willpower and commitment.  And the dreaded Easter break was during that 4 weeks. So naturally, the chocoholic that I am, has had a bit of a good time inhaling chocolate. Also, I had a few days away, where I was eating meals prepared by others where I had no control. All excuses of course. But I was surprised to hear that I’ve lost 14cm so far.

My Food Coach Marlene, thinks that I don’t eat enough generally, causing me to crave chocolate and carbs. I’ve promised her that this week I will follow the eating plan very carefully, especially making an effort not to omit any food. Because I’m vegetarian, I need to make changes to the plan every day and do tend to eat smaller portions and leave out the snacks. I will also have a protein shake at mid afternoon. Hopefully that will get me through the after work workout to dinner, without feeling ravenous.

During week 4, I did heaps of exercise, but most of it was outdoors either riding or bushwalking, so I didn’t accrue many Foxy points this week.  This was due to having days off during Easter. So back to normal gym hours this week..

I was very disappointed this week not to be able to do the Weekly Workout, due to space problems at gym. I tend to be there during the busiest times and at the moment, the PT’s are really busy and using most of the space. I did however, do the workout at home. Once again, it was a great workout. I’ve decided that from this week I will go to gym during my lunch break when the group fitness room isn’t being used and sneak in there for the Weekly Workout. I’m definitely not going to miss doing it again.

My goals for Week 5 are: Follow the eating plan; Don’t miss an exercise session; Do the Foxy Weekly Challenge and Foxy Weekly Workout

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