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May 4, 2012

Since I cook for one, I tend to not bother too much. I’ve spent years cooking for the family and being vegetarian myself, I would often cook one meal for the family and another for me. When I found myself on my own, I decided that was it, I was never cooking again. So for the past five years my meals have very simple and most would say very boring. But boring doesn’t bother me. I don’t like tasty food, and tend to find bland, tasteless, boring food more to my liking.

Being vegetarian, I have mostly been living on plain simple veges, with a variety of proteins thrown on the side of the plate. No thought, no recipe, no flair. But I do cook lots of yummy vege laden soups.  I could live on homemade soup.

Two weeks ago, we had a food tasting night at Fernwood Gym Bendigo recently made me think that maybe is was time to start making an effort again. I have lots of excuses for not cooking recipes – no point cooking just for me, I don’t really care, not adventurous with food, don’t like trying different foods and I really don’t have time.

I’ve now decided to toss all those excuses out the window and to get cracking and try some new recipes. The commitment I’ve made to myself is to try one new recipe each week.

So watch this space. There will be recipes appearing occasionally, but be warned, they will be vegetarian. There will definitely be no meat meals.


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