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Foxy Challenge: Week 6 Wrap

May 10, 2012

Here we are at week 6 already in Fernwood Gym’s Get Foxy 12 Week Challenge.

The week 6 Challenge was using the leg curl machine, squat rack or smith machine and/or a barbell with weights.  How many squats in 1 minute? How many leg curls in one minute? And finally how many lunges in one minute?

These exercises provided a bit of a challenge for me due to my knee injury. Had no problem with the leg curls. But as yet not allowed to do full squats or lunges. So I had to modify this challenge which I’m sure is ok when the modification is due to injury. For the squats, I did fitball squats. And I didn’t do lunges, so did double fitball squats.Was definitely feeling it in the legs at the end.

The Week 6 workout was my favourite so far.  I have no doubt at all that it will feature regularly in my workouts.  We could choose to do it on the treadmill, crosstrainer, bike or rower. Because of my knee injury, I chose to do it on the bike. It was a pyramid workout, beginning with 1 x 1200m on the bike as fast as possible and gradually decreasing the distance and increasing the number of reps, until the last which was 4 x 200m. This was all done at the fastest intensity possible.  Fantastic workout! Looking forward to trying it on the treadmill when the knee is up to it. Hopefully very soon.

Another task for this week was to re-assess goals. I didn’t get around to doing it during the week, but plan to do it very soon.  Setting new goals is necessary for me due again to the injury.

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