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Foxy Challenge: Week 8 Wrap

May 16, 2012

Week 8 was the toughest week of Fernwood Gym’s Get Foxy 12 Week Challenge for me. Life seemed to constantly get in the way of me sticking to the program and to my routine. I suppose that happens sometimes. But I’m usually so well regimented, with a plan that mostly I stick to with no problem.

I’m not really sure that I handled the week well. I seemed to let it get on top of me and by the time Sunday came I had decided that I’d had enough. I just wanted to be like the so called normal people who sit around and waste time and relax. Rarely do I ever get time to relax – except when I’m asleep. And even then I’m sure my body is working overtime to find the energy it needs for the next onslaught in a few hours.

So I had decided I would limp along to the end of the 12 weeks because I committed to doing it. But then I was going to just stop…..and sit…..and do nothing.

On Monday I woke bright eyed and bushy tailed, remembering my favourite song by Bon Jovi – Live While I’m Alive And Sleep When I’m Dead. I have that stuck on my fridge, but had been going around in a fog for a while and hadn’t noticed it. Had forgotten totally that I consider it my motto for life.

That was enough to get me going again so off I went with the dogs for our 4.30am walk followed by RPM at gym. Nothing like my favourite class to get another week underway.

On Tuesday,I snuck into Food Coaching very sheepishly as I knew the scales were not going to be my friend. What a surprise to find that I had lost 500g.  I’m behind my goal and definitely won’t reach my goal of 10k but hope to lose another 2k by end of Foxy.

Happy again now. Looking forward to another challenging but great week.

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