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Stretching Challenge

May 26, 2012

Narelle Frichot of Frichot Fitness posted a challenge on her Keeping It Real Blog  that caught my attention. Narelle has made a commitment to stretch for 10 minutes every day, during the month of June, and has put out the challenge for other fitness enthusiasts to join her. I do love to stretch, but lately I have been giving it a miss, due to being busy. I am aware that this is just an excuse for being a bit slack, so I’m going to take up the challenge as a way of getting myself back on track with my stretching.

I always say that a stretched muscle is a healthy muscle. But I’ve forgotten about that little motto lately. I usually do a quick stretch at gym, which probably just gets me by. But on the weekend after a long ride, I’ve lately gotten into the bad habit of not stretching at all. This is the time I need the stretching most, as every muscle is usually crying after a long ride.

There are no shortage of stretches available for stretching every muscle group, so I’m going to vary the stretches I use during the month, and will detail them here.


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