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12wbt Kick Off

June 3, 2012

Tomorrow Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation or 12wbt kicks off for Round 2 2012. Everyone who knows me knows that I’m a huge advocate for this program. I’ve done every round since the very first original round in 2010,  and was an Ambassador also for a while. For varying reasons I decided to take a break and have Round 1 2012 off. I’m not sorry I did that, as I feel that the break has freshened me up, ready to go again with renewed enthusiasm.

While Round 1 was on, I did the Fernwood Get Foxy 12 Week Challenge  which I’ve thoroughly enjoyed. This week is the last week of Foxy, so there will be a cross over of one week, which will mean  I’m doing both programs. It really doesn’t matter at all. I know I will be able to handle both for just one week.

Over the past two weeks I’ve been doing the 12wbt preseason tasks – I’ve gotten real about excuses, set goals, geared up, said it out loud, made over my kitchen, done a fitness test, and measured up. So there’s not much more to do now but throw myself into the program with full commitment.

Tomorrow morning will see my alarm blast me out of bed at 4.30am for a run with the dogs, before heading off to 6am spin. After work I have scheduled 40 mins cardio and my regular PT session. Mondays are the biggest weekday exercise day for me.

I have some big goals to reach which will take hard work.


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