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Weekly Wrap

June 17, 2012

Narelle Frichot of Frichot Fitness posted a challenge on her Keeping It Real Blog  that caught my attention a few weeks ago. Narelle has made a commitment to stretch for 10 minutes every day, during the month of June, and has put out the challenge for other fitness enthusiasts to join her.

This week I’ve really concentrated on the stretching, and have done at least 10 minutes on some days but more on most days. I’m loving this challenge, as I’m sure my muscles are feeling stronger after two full weeks done. I’ve always loved to stretch but a busy life lately has been giving me the excuse not to bother. Thanks to Narelle, I now have my stretching focus back and intend to continue.

The first two weeks of 12wbt have been good for me. I would even say successful. Weight lost so far is 2.5k which I’m happy about. That gets those couple of pesky kilos off that crept up somehow over the past few weeks.

As far as exercise goes, I’ve been continuing with my riding in addition to the 12wbt program which I do love.

Also now am back to trail running with my dogs on the weekends. This is something that I love to do.  It’s a slow run, and I put no pressure on myself at all to increase the speed. I’m just doing it for the enjoyment alone.

The plan this week is to get back to Pump Class and Attack.  I haven’t been since injuring my knee. It’s now feeling quite good so time to get serious again.


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