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Chocolate Free In August

August 3, 2012

Just about everyone who knows me, is aware that I have a sweet tooth. Basically, my diet is healthy, being vegetarian. Plenty of veges, legumes, eggs and fruit. But I don’t seem to be able to get through a day without my chocolate fix.

Numerous studies have shown that the most important aspect of weight loss is diet. It’s impossible to cheat. If you train like a man or woman possessed, but still eat crap, you will not lose weight. On the other hand if you eat totally clean, and don’t train, you will lose weight at first – smaller amounts perhaps, but you will lose.

Here is more information about Dieting vs. Exercise for Weight Loss

So to kick start eating in a more healthy way, not as a diet, but just as a healthy lifestyle I have decided to join my friend Robyn in going Chocolate Free in August.

Day 3 and so far so good.


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