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Gold Coast 2012

September 1, 2012

I’ve just had a fantastic weekend on the Gold Coast, staying at Coolangatta with lovely friends. There were 29 of us, all female, all over 50. We met online, on the Weight Watchers website. Some have been friends for years, but I’m the newbie to the group. Although we keep in daily contact online, I was a little overawed at meeting so many people at once, but everyone soon made me feel comfortable. I had met some of the Victorian girls previously, but this was to be my first time meeting the interstaters. By the end of our 4 days together, it felt as though we’d known each other forever.

This trip was our annual get together, with people coming from all states and one even came from New Zealand. The organising committee planned a great time for us, with lots to do and see.

First up, on the Thursday night we had a Meet and Greet Dinner, so we could meet up with new friends and catch up those we knew already. There were lots of laughs and poor Gill, found it quite difficult, as convenor, to keep us under control. We definitely were a noisy bunch.

Next day we went to visit a winery at Mt Tambourine. We visited a village with beautiful craft and fashion shops which was fun. I noticed quite a few shopping bags being carried back onto the bus, so I think the locals did quite well out of us.

A highlight of the trip for me was the Whale Watching with Coolangatta Whale Watch. Fortunately for us there were so many whales and they came much closer to our boat than I ever would have imagined.

A group of us walked every day at 6am. It was so beautiful to be outside at that time exercising in just a T-shirt. Made a nice change from being rugged up in jumpers and coats at home.  We were able to see whales from the beach as we walked, which I wasn’t expecting.

At the end of our 4 days together, a few of us stayed on for a couple of extra days to do a 20k walk that Dorothy,  organised for us. More about that walk coming up in the next post.

I count these ladies as very special friends and know we will be friends forever.

  1. caroline permalink

    It was great to finally meet you face to face. Looking forward to many more catch ups.

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