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Lamington National Park 20k Walk

September 5, 2012

On the last day of our trip to the Gold Coast I went with my friends Glynn and Dorothy to Lamington National Park  for an all day hike. The hike was led by Dorothy, a well seasoned bushwalker and local to the area.

With about 2 and a half ours drive to where we would start our walk, we set off nice and early. As usual the drive up the mountain made my stomach feel quite queasy but a few minutes in the fresh air had me feeling normal again and raring to go. That was until Dorothy brought out the spray can of leech deterrent. Leeches? I hadn’t thought of them. Ticks? Seems I should have thought of those little creatures too. Suddenly I was feeling quite vulnerable in my short sleeve top and short pants. Couldn’t do anything about the short pants, but I had a light long sleeved jacket that I threw on and it stayed on all day.

The walk we were to do was the Tooloona Creek Circuit.  Dorothy had mentioned that we would see beautiful waterfalls and would cross the creek, I think it was 7 times. It hadn’t occurred to me that to cross the creek, we would have to walk over wet rocks. Until we reached the creek. I am terrified of wet rocks, as my first knee injury, and the one that really wrecked me knee, when age 13, was done when I slipped on wet rocks. Ever since then, I have made it my business to stay away from them.

Until now!  Of course Glynn and Dorothy were not at all fazed by the wet rocks. Before the first crossing we decided to take a quick breather. I think the idea was to take in the beautiful scenery. But all I could do was focus on those wet rocks and how the hell I was going to get over them with my wonky knees. Also it occurred to me that the surroundings could have been from a scene in Deliverance, which didn’t make me feel any better.

My first reaction was to turn back, but I knew I couldn’t let the girls down. I was so sure that I’d end up in the water, but decided to give it a go anyway.  Dorothy went over the rocks like a mountain goat, with Glynn close behind. Those two girls were fantastic with the encouragement and help they gave me. Even though I’m sure they were thinking how hopeless I was, they made me feel that I could do it.

And do it we did. We crossed that creek, and those wet rocks, again, and again, again. I think there were 7 crossings. But each time, all I could thinkabout, after crossing, was how worth it a bit of fear was just to see the many beautiful waterfalls.

The first five hours of the walk were spent gradually climbing up, and up, and up. We reached the top and the view was spectacular. Well worth conquering the wet rock fear to see it. After a sit down, and a bite to eat we commenced the two hour walk down to where we started.

This was a wonderful walk, with spectacular waterfalls and amazing green plant life.

Huge thanks to Dorothy for planning the walk and being our guide. Also thanks to my mate Glynn for being a fabulous walking buddy. Both girls were amazing and never gave up on me or let me give into my fears.

Wet rocks don’t sound like much, but they are a huge fear for me and I felt amazing and so proud of myself for not giving in to my fear as was my first thought.

I did it! We did it! And I will never forget it.


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  1. Its a great walk, have you done the border track…

    • This is the first time I’ve been in the area, so no, haven’t done the Border Track, but would love to get back there one day.

  2. Di Stewar permalink

    Congrats Jen, it must of been an amazing walk, well done to the three of u

  3. Jen what a great story you tell and never once thought that you were hopeless you were very brave in facing your fear of the wet rock, now to plan the next one!

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