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Sugar Free September – Week 1 Wrap

September 8, 2012

As the end of Chocolate Free August was looming, I noticed on Twitter that The Muesli were promoting Sugar Free September. Feeling quite proud of myself, Chocoholic that I am, for staying away from Chocolate for a whole month I decided to extend myself and go sugar free.

I’ve heard so many glowing reports of the effects on the body of being sugar free, and I’m really keen to see if I can do this and also if I get the results I’ve been hearing others have had. This is a huge, huge challenge for me, as I definitely do have much too much sugar in my diet. It is the big vice that I struggle with, and I know it’s probably the only thing holding me back from reaching my goals, both fitness and diet related.  So this will be my line in the sand.

The plan is to cut all processed food out of my diet during September. If the label says over 5% sugar, then that food is out. Fruit is allowed on this no sugar plan. Mainly I’m going to be eating veges, fruits, grains & pulses.

Well that is the plan anyway. Week one done and no sugar has passed these lips. Will keep you posted on how it goes from now.

If you’re participating  in Sugar Free September, I’d love to hear about it.


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  1. I’m on something similar, because the more I read about my on and off itching, a lot of that is caused by refined sugars and carbohydrates!

    • I’m sure you are right about that. I think we would be surprised if we knew all the effects that sugar has on our bodies.

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