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October 22, 2012

Time to reset the goals, keeping  the Camino de Santiago de Compostela Pilgrimage across Spain   in mind. The main aim for the rest of 2012 is to  get a really good walking base into the legs. Also need to get serious about strength training at gym, especially the legs. These goals are initial goals only. Shortly I will be setting goals for the next level of training during 2013

Lose 10k

28 October   –   7 Bridges Walk

09 December   – Lysterfield Walk

November  –  Walk 30k in Bendigo

Dec/Jan     –   Walk 50k in Bendigo

April  – Walk Melbourne – Sorrento 100ks

April/May 2014 –  Camino Pilgrimage Walk

What will I do to ensure these goals are met?

Set daily calorie limit to 1200 per day

Track my food every day

Gym session before work every day

2 morning and 2 evening walking sessions per week

2 evening cycling sessions per week

Schedule exercise sessions in the diary every week.

Don’t skip an exercise session

Add a second weekly Personal Training session at Fernwood Fitness Centre Bendigo in November and December

Continue cycling, gradually adding to distance since injury

Plan meals and cook every Sunday ready for the week ahead

Drink at least 1 litre + water every day

Don’t skip meals

Include protein with every meal

Do a walk of over 3 hours every month

Chocolate for Saturday night treat only

Improve leg strength by continuing with weights and inclines on treadmill.

Walk with back pack containing weights


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  1. Jonny Peterson permalink

    I’ve recently taken up long distance walking with a view to competing in marathons once I reach my desired level of fitness. I’ve enlisted a personal trainer at my Gym in St Johns Wood and the results I’m experiencing are incredible!

  2. Thats a fantastic fitness goal. Good luck on continuing with those great results

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