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12wbt Round 4 2012

October 23, 2012

As my friends all know, I’m a huge fan of  Michelle Bridges  and her 12 Week Body Transformation, which I’ve been involved with since her first round in 2010. I specially loved my time as an Ambassador for this fantastic program.  This year I decided I needed a break, so haven’t been involved at all. But still have been following the principles of her nutrition and exercise program. Well, most of the time anyway. Or maybe, it’s been a bit sporadic. Of course, I haven’t had any amazing results at all during this time. It’s just mainly me plodding away doing more of the same, following my tail a bit and not really getting anywhere.

Even without the benefits of weight loss the 12wbt program is great, as it gives more focus to my training. It causes me to do what I need to do to reach my goals. No excuses. I have some big goals to meet over the next 18 months, so I’ve decided it’s time to jump back into the program officially and have joined up for Round 4 which starts on 22 November and ends in February. The big scary part of this is that this time, for the first time ever 12wbt runs during Christmas. These days I don’t really go overboard at Christmas time so I should be ok. The toughest time for me will be during the long, lazy days of holidays after Christmas. You know those days where it’s too hot to do anything except laze around and eat all those snackies left over from Christmas or given as gifts. I’ve decided that I’m going to take up swimming this summer. So during the hottest part of the day instead of lazing around I will be at the pool swimming laps. I used to love swimming but haven’t done it for quite a few years.

I am determined to stick to the program especially over the holidays, even if the results are not perfect. Our preseason started yesterday and runs for four weeks. During preseason Michelle gives us two tasks a week to complete. These tasks set a foundation for the 12 weeks, and are definitely non negotiable. I know from experience that completing these tasks is equal to success on the program.Very soon, I will post up the results of Preseason Task 1.


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