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7 Bridges Walk Around Sydney

October 30, 2012

On the weekend just gone, I went to Sydney to take part in the Seven Bridges Walk.  This is a 27k walk around the inner city, crossing over 7 main bridges. When I first heard of this event, I was surprised to hear that there were 7 bridges in Sydney. As an ignorant Victorian, I hadn’t really thought about it, but would have said that the Harbour Bridge was the only bridge.  My favourite bridge was the ANZAC Bridge, in the photo below, a beautiful modern bridge, built to commemorate the Anzacs. This event was strictly a walking event, with no running allowed and there are no road closures at all. Participants walk on the walking trails around the inner suburbs and through parks. I’m not sure how many walkers were involved, as participants were able to start and finish at their choice of 9 villages. Because of this, there was no congestion on the paths at all. The day was a perfect day for walking, fine but slightly cloudy. We were very fortunate not to have a hot sunny day to contend with.

I went up on Thursday night and stayed in the city with my friend Glynn. There were a group  of us walking together as a team. We finished the event, feeling slightly tired but energised. We had all trained for the event and obviously the training paid off as there were very few aches and pains. I was happy to wake the next day with no soreness at all and feeling strong.

This is the largest walk I’ve done for a few months, and is the first official long walk of my training program for the Camino de Santiago de Compostela Pilgrimage trail  across Spain.  While we had some down time in Sydney, Glynn and I planned large walks on the 3rd Saturday of every month during 2013.  Some of these walks will be multi day walks.

Other than 7 Bridges, there were many highlights of the weekend. My friend Sharon who walked as part of our team  brought along her friend, Nadine, who I hadn’t met previously. We hit it off immediately, and I almost did a somersault when Nadine told me she wants to come to Spain with me to walk the Camino. During the walk we bonded, and discussed our upcoming Camino training, and before we knew it we had finished the walk. I’m really looking forward to catching up with Nadine at many training walks during the months to come.  Thanks Sharon for introducing me to Nadine. I know I have met a lifelong friend and am eternally grateful.

On Saturday my good friend Kerry picked us up and took us for brekky at Bondi followed by a lovely drive around the coast. We then went on to Centennial Park for a walk and a lovely coffee to finish up. Thanks for doing that for us Kerry, on a weekend when you had a lot going on. You’re a great friend.

On the Friday night Sharon and John invited the team and their partners to their home for a BBQ. I don’t like to use the word BBQ as that does not describe the spread that was before us. Sharon that was a beautiful thing for you to do for us and John I am in awe at the amazing food you provided for us. Sitting in your gorgeous garden by the fire chatting to wonderful friends leaves me with memories I will never forget.

Thanks to Jan and Dean for picking  Glynn and I up from the station when we forgot our map. Also huge thanks to Trish and Dieter for driving us back to our hotel. Not once but twice. You are all awesome friends.

I am so blessed to have so many friends in my life. Most of us have met online, but we now possess a very special bond, which I’m sure will not be broken.

Almost there, but this was a welcome sight. All fruit & just a tiny bit of sugar. Very yummy!


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  1. Great work, and sounds like a great trip coming up!

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