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12wbt Round 2 Finale

December 13, 2012

The Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation Round 3 Finale weekend was held in Sydney on November 127 & 18. For various reasons, I decided not to do Round 3. Mainly because I’d become a bit stale, and felt that I needed a break to refresh the enthusiasm. Or to see if the enthusiasm could be refreshed. Part of my thinking was that maybe I’d sucked all I could out of 12wbt  and it could be time to move on to the next big thing for me.

My plan was that hopefully this weekend, even though I hadn’t been a participant, would kick start Round 4 for me, and give me the fresh motivation and enthusiasm I was looking for. Well it certainly did do that. The workout was fantastic. I loved being back in that accepting and exciting community again. As a result I came home, full of excitement, and ready and raring to get my teeth into Round 4 and give it a red hot go.

019  015007002021022


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