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Wild Women On Top

January 7, 2013

Wild Women On Top is a Trek training group for women, specialising in adventure fitness programs that prepare women for trekking in the wilderness.  I was pointed in the direction of this website recently by my friend Glynn who is also committed to her health and fitness. Together and along with other friends, we have many adventures planned for 2013. Immediately I fell in love with these Wild Women  of all ages, who looked like they were having such fun, and wished I lived in Sydney so I could join in with them.  For a couple of mad minutes I even considered that perhaps I could travel to Sydney every second weekend and join in with them.

Of course this isn’t possible, so until then I will just dream that one day they may come and set up in Melbourne. Myself and the group of Wild Women that I train with would be there in a heartbeat to train with them. Even though I would still have to travel at least 2 hours, I would definitely be heading their way.

I lifted this quote from the Wild Women website as it says all about what these amazing women are about:

Wild Women On Top love the feeling that comes from being fit for adventure. We come in all shapes and sizes, but share the view that “attitude is everything” and life is about achieving one’s goals. We value team work and believe in T.E.A.M.: “Together Everyone Achieves More”.



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  1. Pam Longe permalink

    Jen, contact them – maybe they are looking for someone to set up a Melbourne Chapter!

    • Great suggestion Pam. A few of us have contacted them, and it seems Melbourne is in the pipeline. Hopefully soon.

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