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Weekend Exercise Jan 12&13

January 14, 2013

012 (2)

Saturday am: 28.4K Walk around Bendigo carrying backpack weighted with 8kg. I’ve been using the backpack on my 10k walks. But this is the longest walk with it so far. I was really pleased that I felt fine during the walk and pulled up well the next day.


013 (2)

     Saturday pm: 30k Road Cycle: Was feeling a little bit weary after the walk, so did a shorter ride than usual. Also did the Butt Tricep & Skipping Challenges.

Didn’t measure the calories for the challenges as I was a bit over it all by then and just wanted the work done.

Sunday was what I call an “Active Rest Day”, meaning  just a walk with the dogs for about an hour.


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  1. Pam Longe permalink

    Nice work on the walk Jen – especially before it heats up again!

    • Thanks Pam. Looks like this weekend will be a hot one again. Makes it a bit hard, but can’t do much about it.

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