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Spanish Language Lessons

January 15, 2013

The time has come!  There is no putting it off any longer.  I need to get busy, knuckle down, and start to learn to speak some sort of basic Spanish in preparation for the Camino de Santiago de Compostela Pilgrimage trail across Spain  that I’m planning to do with my friend Nadine.  By deciding to do the walk in 2014, we are giving ourselves plenty of time for training and preparation. I’m quite confident that come 2014 we will be super fit and strong, and ready to tackle anything that the Camino throws at us.  I’m less confident that my ability to speak Spanish will be anywhere near adequate.  Actually I’m seriously hoping that Nadine, awesomely organised that she is, has worked her way through the CDs by now and is speaking fluent Spanish to everyone within earshot.

005 (2)

Nadine sent me this set of Spanish language CD’s late last year, and as yet I haven’t even opened them. But, as I said, the time has come. This  Saturday I will be driving to Port Arlington to meet up   with Nadine  and other friends to walk the Bellarine Rail Trail. This driving time will be perfect time to begin to learn Spanish. Ole!

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