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How Not To Give Up On Your Workouts

January 18, 2013

Previously I’ve posted that I start my exercise routine on weekdays at between 4 – 4.30am. The reaction this gets always astounds me. Non-exercisers just don’t get it.  Why would someone get out of bed when it’s still night time to exercise? Of course they decide on the spot that I must be a raving lunatic. Perhaps I am.  But the real  reason I start so early is that I have an early start at work and that is the only way I can fit in all that I want in my program. There is no other reason. If not for this, I would be asleep in bed the same as most. I don’t love getting out of bed at this time, and most days I could easily stay there and give it a miss.

A few conversations recently with friends who have started a gym membership, or online weightloss program, or just a general fitness routine, and have struggled to keep  it up, had me thinking. What is it that gets me out of bed? Why do I not have trouble sticking to my program? Why do I not give up when so many others do? There is nothing at all special about me, so why can I keep this up when others just can’t get into a routine long enough for it to become a habit.

Here are a few snippets of my advice to help you continue with your fitness routine or exercise program:

#     Make sure you choose a fitness activity that you enjoy. Don’t enjoy running? Don’t do it. There are plenty of other things to choose. It may sound basic, but it’s true – if you don’t enjoy doing it then you won’t do it for long.

#    There will be days when you just will not feel like training. When this happens, give yourself permission to do a short session and then leave – maybe 15 mins. You will find once you get started that you will keep going long    past that 15 minute mark.

#   Exercise early in the morning. Set the alarm for an hour earlier and get it done before the day begins. This is the time of the day that “life” and excuses don’t usually get in the way of you doing what you want.

#   Choose a time of the day that suits you, and try to set your routine around it, so that you are able to exercise at that time every day.

#    Every session doesn’t have to be a killer workout. It’s ok to have the occasional workout that is a little less difficult. My suggestion is to choose one day each week for a recovery activity such as yoga, pilates or body balance. This session could also be a quiet non-strenuous walk with the dog.

#    Set some realistic goals for yourself so you have something to strive for and a reason for making time to exercise. I set my goals in 12 week blocks. I don’t always achieve all of them, but they are a huge incentive for me to keep going when my body or head is screaming for me to stay in bed.

#    Enter an event such as a fun run. There’s nothing like the fear of a looming event to get you out there exercising and not skipping training sessions.

#    Do you have a friend who could be your exercise buddy? This is a huge motivator for some people. You wouldn’t want to let your friend down by not turning up. Also you and your friend can do your workout together and support each other in reaching your goals.

#    If weight loss is one of your goals, do you have an outfit that you would only dream of fitting into – or getting back into? This can be a huge incentive to lose those kilos.

#    Purchase a Heart Rate Monitor. You can then track your times and the total calories you burn in an exercise session. I find this a very motivating tool. Always aiming for more calories and to improve on my stats

These are the tips that help to get me out of bed early every day. I hope you find them helpful. I would love to hear any other tips you might have.

Most of these tips, I’ve used for many years but have developed them and become much more consistent with them since becoming involved with Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation


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