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Our hiking group now has a name

January 22, 2013

Finally we have found a name for our hiking group. Nadine, one of our members, came across this   Suzy Toronto Calendar  which has the following to say about A Gathering of Goddesses as:

“It is a known fact that Goddesses attract other Goddesses,

you know Birds Of A Feather,

But the really cool thing is that quite often they flock together,

long before they reach their true status of Goddess, giving their friendship

the depth that only time can give

By the time they become Goddesses, they’ve been gathering together

for so long – giving, sharing, loving & caring,

that they know intimate details about one another’s lives,

making their bond unbreakable.

Whether shopping, going out to lunch, lounging over a pedicure, 

or sitting on the beach,

a Gathering of Goddesses cannot be missed.

Just listen for the buzz of friendship, the tears of shared sorrows,

and the fits of irrepressible laughter

You will know in a minute that you’re in the presence of greatness”.

So I’m very happy to announce that the new name for our Hiking Group is A Gathering of Goddesses

We are a group of women, mostly over 50, who are passionate about health and fitness, and in particular love walking and hiking. Some of us are training for  huge goal events such as Camino de Santiago de Compostela Pilgrimage trail across Spain and the  Kokoda Trail  in New Guinea.

We laugh often and are committed to helping each other reach our goals and realise our greatness.

During 2013 we have many day and weekend hikes planned as we work towards these goals.



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