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Lance Armstrong Interview with Oprah Part 1

January 23, 2013

There’s nothing  more anyone can say about Lance Armstrong. I’ve been a huge fan since the first of his seven Tour De France wins. I never ever wanted to believe the rumours about him and always defended him to his detractors. I read his books, watched his interviews and was totally caught up in the “Incredible Lance Armstrong Story”.

So now we know that the only thing incredible about that story is the fact that he was able to dupe so many people and get away with being a drug cheat for so many years. At first I was upset at hearing the news, but then as more and more was revealed, I was angry and sad that this arrogant man corrupted so many talented young cyclists.

These young riders had hero worshipped him in their younger years, and when invited to ride with Lance Armstrong’s team did whatever was demanded of them. Even drug cheating.

This story makes me sad.

Part 1 of the confession interview Lance Armstrong did with Oprah:


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