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Day 1 Sugar Free in February

February 1, 2013

February is here and that means Day 1 of going sugar free in February. This came about because friends were doing Feb Fast which really isn’t a challenge for me. But going sugar free is a huge challenge. I’ve done it before for Sugar Free September,  but found it really really difficult.  I didn’t do it with a plan. All I did was cut out sugar without replacing it or changing my diet at all. I found for the whole month of September, I had the most severe sugar cravings imaginable.  I thought about sugar, talked about sugar, dreamed about sugar. But I did manage to go sugar free for the month and felt fairly fantastic and proud of myself at the end. But there it ended. I couldn’t possibly have sustained such a rigid eating regime for any longer.

This time the plan is to follow Sarah Wilson’s I Quit Sugar plan  which is a plan for a lifetime of healthy eating. The main idea is to cut out sugar, but to stay away from low fat products, and bring back full fat foods into the diet.  The thought of full fat dairy does my head in a bit, because it’s so ingrained in my brain that to be healthy and control my weight, of course I need to  stick with low fat products. Sarah explains the science behind this,  and I must say it makes sense.

So I’m going to put myself in Sarah’s hands completely. She is a person who I trust completely and know to be ethical and totally committed. I believe in her program and will give it a red hot go! For once in my life this isn’t about losing weight as I’m now only 5kg from my goal weight. This is about treating my body with respect by only taking in whole, clean foods. In the past I’ve treated my body with no respect at all, taking in too much sugar, yo-yo dieting and poor nutrition generally.  I’m hoping that being sugar free in February will only be the beginning of a continuing sugar free lifestyle. This will  result in  me being the healthiest I have ever been.

This is about my health only. I’m aware that time is marching on, even though  I’m still able to exercise and push my body as far as most of my younger friends. I do want this to continue so this is part of my motivation for switching to a sugar free eating plan. As I say to anyone who asks why I exercise so much – I am in training for my retirement.

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During the next 8 weeks I intend to blog about my experience of the I Quit Sugar Plan. I’m going to be trying the many recipes Sarah includes in her book. This will push me out of my comfort zone as I am not adventurous at all with food, and dislike trying new foods.

Because there are so many recipes in the book, and also because I am vegetarian, my training buddy Nadine who is doing No Sugar in February with me is also going to experiment with many of the recipes. Our results will be posted here regularly.

So now it’s down to business. Week 1 started today. As Sarah explains it Week 1 is about starting to cut back and making preparations for healthy eating over the next 8 weeks. It’s about making small simple changes by cutting back on sugar. It’s not necessary this week to cut sugar out completely, although I plan to go cold turkey with it, as I think that will work best for me. Sarah asks us to start thinking about what we eat, and to begin making small changes by substituting healthier food. eg. Cheese instead of dessert after dinner.

Today I’ve eaten no sugar, including no fruit, probably for the first time since doing Sugar Free September.


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