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The Muesli – Sugar Free

February 8, 2013

Recently I purchased a small sample of sugar free muesli from a company called  The Muesli. I’d heard great reports about it from friends who were trying to go down the ‘no sugar’ route.

As is usual, I knew best, and made up my mind about it without trying it. I was sure it would be like eating cardboard. I remembered all those dry, unappetising untoasted muesli’s I’d tasted in the past. Give me my muesli toasted with the addition, during the baking process, of plenty of sugar and fat.

But to my surprise this muesli is the most beautiful, tastiest muesli I have ever tasted. It is sugar free, not dry, contains 5 different nuts, 4 seed, oats and coconut. It is absolutely yummy!

Here’s a breakdown of the ingredients:  27% Raw Nut Mix, 23% Pumpkin, Sunflower, Linseed & Sesame Seeds, 36% Rolled Oats, 14% Shredded coconut.

This muesli fits in perfectly to the no sugar program that I’m currently undertaking. No sugar plus yummy is an added unexpected bonus.

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