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40k walk – Saturday 9 Feb 2013

February 9, 2013

On Saturday,  my 100k walk program said I had to get out there and walk 40k.  Like it or not. No excuses. JFDI! Yesterday, thinking about it, I wasn’t really in the mood, feeling a bit tired after a long week with lots of exercise sessions. This week has been the final week of  12WBT .  Always, the final week sees me going flat out with extra sessions scheduled just to finish off the 12week program with a bang and no regrets. This round has been a good one for me, with the end result of  being a couple of kilos from goal and finishing in the top 15%. Unfortunately I’m not able to get to Brisbane this weekend for the finale celebrations but will be looking out for photos coming through during the next few days.

I decided to start my 40k walk at 5am so that it didn’t take up all day, and also to be finished before the day became too hot. The first 10k was walked with my dogs. During the 2nd 10k I met up and walked with the Bendigo 12wbt crew. This is the first time I’ve joined in with any of their activities or met any of them. I’m wishing now that I hadn’t put it off, as they were a lovely bunch of girls, motivated to push themselves and happy to have a laugh. Actually there were lots of laughs, especially over coffee after the walk was done. There was even talk about an upcoming bike ride which I’ll definitely join in with. A few of the girls made the commitment today to get their bikes out for their first training session next week. Looking forward to hearing about it. I’m sure there will be laughing involved.

Thanks girls, I’m really looking forward to next time.

Coffee done, it was then time to get the final 20k done, this time by myself. I’m really pleased to be on track for the training program, even though the 100k Walk Melbourne to Sorrento is freaking me out a bit. Just hoping that if I follow the process and do the training, then the all will be well. Not really sure what else to do to train for 100k. Other than lots of walking and strength training.

003 (6) 002 (5)Tania brought her gorgeous doggie Drew along to walk with us. As usual I was smitten with canine love. Was wishing I’d taken my two girls along, but that would have been a bit like putting the cat amongst the pigeons. Drew was so well behaved. I loved how he looks at Tania with obvious dreamy eyes and love. He has such a sweet, pretty face. Very easy to fall in love with him.

Bendigo 12wbt girls Challenge complete

These girls are looking very happy and pleased with themselves, as they’ve just completed the 100k Challenge. Since New Year they have walked, ran or cycled 100k. Great work girls! Congratulations on a job well done!

004 (8)


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