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February 14, 2013

Round 1 2013 of  Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation kicked off three days ago. Now that I’m just a few kilos from my goal weight, I’ve decided to do the Lean and Strong program which is based on strength training. There is very little cardio in the program, but I feel like I still need to be doing cardio at least a few times a week. And actually I enjoy my cardio sessions so will be keeping them up as an extra.

I’ve been doing my strength training at 6am, after about 90 minutes walking my dogs. So far there have been three training days, I’m loving the program so far, but boy oh boy my muscles sure are feeling the pain.

Recently my friends Tina, Kris, Brenda and Kerrie gave me  this Professional Massager for my birthday. It certainly has been a handy tool to have this week. Definitely does soothe those aching muscles.

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