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Daylesford Walk 16/03/2013

March 18, 2013

My Camino de Santiago de Compostela and 100k Walk  buddy, Nadine, and I set off for Daylesford last Saturday morning bright and early with the intention of hiking the LOST BOYS WALK in the Wombat Forest.  Three friends also headed off in another vehicle, to join us on the walk. This would be our first long walk together.

We had a very vague map with details of the start. I knew where the finish was as I’d been there and visited the monument to the lost boys. However during the week, we were given incorrect information about the location of the start which totally confused us. After 90 minutes of trying to find the start, we decided to abort the lost boys walk and postpone until another day when we would ensure we had more detailed information.

Our replacement walk was around the lakes and surrounds of Daylesford for about two hours. This walk wasn’t as challenging as the original walk, but there were hills that got the blood pumping.  Even though the day progressed to be totally different to the plans we had made, I have no complaints at all. We had a great walk with new friends, that included lots of chat and many many laughs.

Saturday was proof that the best made plans can easily fall apart and being flexible can cause all sorts of unexpected enjoyment.

Thanks girls for a fantastic day.

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  1. appreciate your efforts. Keep it up

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