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Only a few days until 100k walk

April 9, 2013

I haven’t posted for a while, as the walking training has been taking up every spare moment.  But last Saturday was the last big training walk until the 100k Walk Melbourne to Sorrento which is on this coming Saturday beginning at 8am. My friend Nadine and I are walking from Flinders Street Station to Sorrento.  Walking right through, no sleeps until we get there, hopefully, at around 8am the next day, Sunday.

I’m stressing about it this week, mainly thinking that  maybe I have not have done enough training, but really I know that I couldn’t possibly have done any more.  Also I’m itching to get back on the bike. For the past couple of months I’ve spent all exercise hours walking. No riding, no gym, no running.  And I’m really missing my old routine. So by next week it will all be over, hopefully we will be successful and there will be celebrations, and then the old routine will be back.

My last training walk was last Saturday, walking 36ks which included One Tree Hill. I even climbed up to the top of the One Tree Hill Tower, just to prove I could. Heights terrify me, and I usually just go to the first level. I thought perhaps if I could conquer this fear, then the fear of walking 100k, may be diminished. Not sure if it worked, but I was quite pleased with myself and wishing someone was there with me to take a photo of me at the top.

This week I’m just doing small walks of 10k and even less, nothing too strenuous at all.



View from the top of One Tree Hill Tower

View from the top of One Tree Hill Tower



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