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Mindset Change

June 13, 2013

I’ve posted here recently that I’ve been struggling a bit since the 100k Walk from Melbourne To Sorrento   It was almost like that 100k was the pinnacle and the end of the world. I made no plans or goals for what would happen after, and found myself feeling quite flat for weeks. I’ve been exercising – riding, gym and a bit of walking. But doing it in a half  hearted way, with no mission or sense of accomplishment. You could say I’ve been operating on auto pilot and just going through the motions.

At the moment there is an enormous amount of change and upheaval in my life which isn’t helping. New career & business about to start. My new house is finished and I should be moving next week. My Dad is very unwell and gave us a scare over the past few weeks, but seems to be over the worst of this upheaval now thankfully. All of these things are huge life events, but not enough reason to procrastinate or deviate from achieving all I want in fitness. They are just excuses! So now what I need to do, as Michelle Bridges says is- Just Suck It Up Princess and JFDI! So that’s the plan from now on. I’ve started working on my goals and strategies until the end of the year and should have them finalised by tonight. But I’m struggling to find a BIG Goal that will excite me.  Today I’m going to meet up with a new PT who will be my weights trainer. I’m planning on getting back into serious weight training. In my 30s and 40s I loved training with weights and it was a huge part of my life. I want to get that focus back. So hopefully the new PT, Earl will be able to help me with a program and some goals to reach which will give me the focus I need.

The other thing that’s happened while I’ve been a bit of a slacko since the 100k walk is that I’ve put on a couple of kilos. Yes, I can hear you, it’s only a couple of kilos, but it’s really stressing me out. I’m worried that it’s the beginning of lots of kilos. I tend to spend a huge amount of my time worrying about weight, more than most people, I’m sure. I’ve lost almost 50k over the past few years and definitely feel like a different person now, but sometimes I worry that this loss will be temporary and I will end up back where I began – fat and sad. It seems the more I worry about weight, the more chance there is that I will put on weight.

So… new mindset in regard to food is that I’m going to concentrate on making healthy choices most of the time, and not going to stress about a few not so healthy choices. I will enjoy them and then get right back to it, instead of the rot continuing for days as it tends to with me. I’m going to concentrate on becoming fitter and stronger, and the weight will look after itself.

It will be very miraculous if I can do it, but the plan is to take the focus away from food and kilos, and instead focus on fitness, strength and health.


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