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New Personal Trainer

June 14, 2013

Finally it seems that I have found a Personal Trainer who will train me the way I want to be trained. I’ve been searching and searching for such a person for ages now. All I have wanted is a trainer who will train me seriously with a weights program. I don’t want any fancy program, just a basic no nonsense program. And, (this is the biggie) I don’t want a female weights program. I want a program that requires heavy weights and is that is not gender specific.

When I was in my 30’s and 40s I did serious weight training. Not to compete, but just to feel and to be strong. In those days I was a qualified gym instructor myself and put together programs, mainly for men, as women in those days were mostly afraid that using weights would cause them to be huge, and tended to stay away from them. The training program I and a few other females used was exactly the same program that the males in the gym used. With slightly lighter weights of course.

So that is all I have been looking for. You would think that would be easy to find. The trend these days seems to be that females should lift very light weights with lots of repetitions. After talking to friends about a trainer in Maryborough, which is a small town 50k from me, off I went on Thursday to see him.

Immediately I started talking to him I could sense that yes, he knew what I wanted, and what I needed and could tell me exactly what would be required to reach my weight training goals. No my injuries wouldn’t be a problem, as I’m often told by young personal trainers who are scared off when they hear I have had a broken spine.  And actually he is confident he can help me strengthen my weak areas. So I will be travelling to Maryborough once a week to work with Earl, and he has given me a program to do myself at my own gym on other days.

Feeling very positive about this and quite excited about tackling the hard work that is to come.


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