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Early Morning

February 5, 2014

As usual today the alarm went off at 4am. The past few mornings have been quite chilly, and a reminder that it won’t be too long until the dreaded winter mornings are back. But today it was beautiful out there, even though cold enough for a jumper.

On Wednesdays I work from home, so usually try to get in a much longer walk early in the morning. Today’s walk was 20k and quite varied.  I parked in town and walked the hills of the CBD, followed by the inclines and stairs  in Rosalind Park, which is beautiful in the early morning glow. There was hardly anyone around, probably because it was a bit cooler, and I couldn’t help feeling sorry for anyone who missed out on this early part of the day. The best part of the day in my opinion.

I then drove home and collected the dogs and we went out into an area of National Park near my house. I’ve not long moved to this part of town and only recently found this area. Until now I’ve been complaining that there is no bushy area close to home to walk my dogs. I was even starting to regret my decision to move. But was surprised to find last week that there is quite a large area of National Park within 1k of my house. Will definitely be doing more exploring there – on foot and on the mountain bike.



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  1. What a beautiful morning Jen! 4am! You are good. I think I’m too lazy!

    • Pam, the early mornings are because with the hours that I work,it’s the only way to fit it in. I don’t enjoy that alarm that goes off so early, but once I get out there I’m ok. Nothing like the terror of the Camino to keep me getting out of bed.

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