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Hello 2014

First a quick wrap of 2013. Last year was a good year for me, both personally and professionally, though quite stressful. The stress in my personal life was definitely caused by the decision to sell my house and build a new house. Even though all went well with both the sale and building the new house, it did cause me stress that I didn’t need. Professionally I resigned from my job and for some wild, unknown reason I bought  the little cafe, where I had previously bought my morning coffee on the way to work every day. Again all went well with the sale, so there wasn’t anything serious to stress about. The big reason for the stress at the time was that all of these things, happened in the same time frame. Actually I moved into my new house in the week that I took over the cafe.  That was a crazy time for a while there.

So onto 2014. I’m expecting this year to be huge. It is the year that I will walk the Camino de Santiago in Spain with my friend Nadine, for 6 weeks from the end of May. Nadine lives 4 hours drive from me so we aren’t able to train together often. Although we do try to plan and co-ordinate our training programs together as much as possible. Before we set off to Spain, we will be getting together for a few weekend training sessions. We’ve also set ourselves some training challenges which will hopefully help to keep us on track and not allow any slacking off.

The first of these challenges for 2014 is the challenge to walk 400k during January. So far I have walked 140k which means I’m not really on track but not so far off track that I can’t catch up. Will be trying my best to hit that target.

The walking training this week will include carrying a weighted day pack for every walking session. So far the weight is quite light, but by February I hope to start carrying my Camino pack.


Here are Nadine and myself during the 100k walk in 24 hours that we did last year. My cousin Paul McBain popped in to visit and encourage us along the way.

2014 is also the year that I will turn 60. This happens at the end of January. Until now I haven’t really given this much thought so not sure yet what I think about this development.

Another of my goals for 2014 is to reinvent my blog and to be more consistent in my posting. Last year with all that was going on, the blog tended to be put on the back burner. Time to turn that around and revive it ready for my next phase in fitness. So watch this space. There will be a makeover coming, hopefully soon.


Happy New Year 2014


2013 Highlights

The big highlight for 2013 was the 100k walk that I did with Nadine, in April from Flinders Street Station to Sorrento.
But there were many other highlights, mostly walks, training for our Camino pilgrimage across Spain in May this year.
The disappointment for me was that I had to make the decision to park my bike in the garage for most if the year due to time constraints. The number of hours needed for walking, meant there was no time at all for the bike (tears)
Considering 2013 was a busy busy year for me, I’m very pleased when I look back at all that I achieved.


Fernwood Fitness Centre

20131106-174954.jpgRecently, I made the decision to rejoin Fernwood Fitness Centre in Bendigo, and I couldn’t be happier about it. The welcome back I received was quite overwhelmmg,  as I really hadn’t expected anyone to remember  me.

So far so good. I’ve been going to the gym at 6am every day. Mainly doing strength work  and  cardio, mainly on the crosstrainer and express bikes. At last my workouts are worthwhile for the first time in ages. I’m really looking forward to getting back into it again seriously, so still need to pick up the tempo quite a bit yet.

Feeling very disappointed  that I let myself become overwhelmed with moving into my new house, and starting the new business and dropped the ball a bit in regard to my fitness.

But time to look forward now to renewed health and wellness. Looking back achieves nothing

Video – Riding in Bike Lanes

This was posted on YouTube by Casey Neistat. Couldn’t resist sharing

Benefits of The Bicycle

My friend Nadine posted this on Facebook.  Says it all really. Gotta love the  bike!


Cafe Thirty 8

I haven’t posted in a while because life went just a little bit crazy for a while there. In my last post I mentioned that there was news coming. Well that news is that in July I became the new owner of a gorgeous cafe in Bendigo. I took over the cafe in the same week that I moved into my new house. Not a good idea! Finally now, I’m just starting to get some sort of organisation into my life.


But I’m really loving working in the cafe and meeting so many gorgeous customers is a pleasure.  Also been having a bit of fun trying some of the foods. With my well known sweet tooth, of course the slices and cakes have been my choice.

Cup Cakes

But have given myself a talking to and the fun is now over. Time to get back to serious training.

Food handling Course

Exciting news to come very soon. Here’s a little hint


Latest fitness trend

Moving day has arrived

At last moving day has arrived. I take over my new house tomorrow, but have so much today before then. There is so much last minute packing and tidying up to do, that probably I should get off this computer and go and do it.